Speedy Windshield Repair To Get You Back On The Road!

Got a rock chip? Make your windshield like new again! At Pro-Tek we use the best technology out there today to give you the best windshield repair possible. Our windshield repair resin is the strongest, most durable repair solution we could find. Every one of our repairs is guaranteed to last the life of your windshield or we will refund your money for the repair.

Why should I use Pro-Tek D/WS Repair?

All Pro-Tek windshield repair technicians are factory trained and certified. We have been fixing windshields for over 10 years. There is not much that we have not seen and repaired!!
Our repairs look better than our competition and will last longer.
We can fix your windshield in the shop or at your location (weather permitting). Mobile repairs are done in Garden City and Liberal only.
Pro-Tek works with all major insurance companies that will waive your deductible for windshield repair. We take care of all of the billing and paperwork!!
You only get one chance to fix a windshield break correctly. If an inexperienced tech botches the repair you will have a nasty looking spot on your windshield until you replace it. Choose Pro-Tek Dent and Windshield Repair to ensure that your repair is done right the first time!!
  • 1st break - $45.00
  • Each additional break on the windshield is $15.00
20 minutes for an average chip
Windshield Chip Before — Windshield Repair in Garden City, KS
This is a typical small combination break. This type of rock chip should almost completely vanish if a proper windshield repair is done.
Windshield Chip After — Windshield Repair in Garden City, KS
After the repair all you can see is the edge of the pit in the middle of the break. These are the kind of results to expect from a Pro-Tek windshield repair.
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